June 11, 2022

Kids Fest (SDC)


Welcome to Silver Dollar City and the return of KidsFest

The main show for the Festival is Nik Wallenda's Zirkus.
The show begins with Just Larry the Clown who does a neat plate twirling act

The next act featured twirling hula hoops

She was extremely talented ... but the show was just getting warmed up

The next act took to the sky with a modified trapeze rig

The two really made it look easy

Next we had a duo on rollerskates

Just Larry came back out and did some juggling on an elevated wobble board

Finally it was time for the main event - the Wallendas took to the wire

One of the most impressive parts is when Nic's mother joined the group and performed in this particular stunt.  She will be turning 70 in December and recently had her hip replaced

The final stunt was this chair pass.  According to Nic this is only the third time that the female artist had performed this stunt in front of a live audience

Zirkus (German for Circus) performs 3 shows daily in the Opera House for the duration of KidsFest

Fun Junction has taken over the Frisco Barn

This store has something for everyone

The Carousel Barn is home to Chuggington Depot based off the animated kids show

There are large versions of locations from the show

Children can take one of the characters from the show and push them around the course

Here are some of the characters waiting for someone to come play

Here is the Chuggington Store located in Carousel Barn

KidsFest runs daily through July 24