September 17, 2022

Halloween Haunt (WOF)


Welcome to Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun

The Haunt marquee sign just inside the main gate

The giant pumpkins are always fun

Another fun photo backdrop

The flying ninja skeletons in the Orient section are always a staple of Haunt

This appears to be a new decoration for this season

Another new decoration near Gold Rush Pizza

Americana Star Fountain Plaza always looks nice

This poor horse located in Timber Wolf's extended queue has seen better days

A headless knight located near Timber Wolf Games

The Wizard of Oz decorations have returned again this season near Cyclone Sam's

Linus' Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze has returned to Planet Spooky

Guests can take home a mini pumpkin from the patch

Some decorations in Planet Spooky

Some Egyptian statues behind the snack stand next to Fury of the Nile's entrance

New mummy statue near Boomerang

Decorations on the train station

New Alice in Wonderland trick or treat area in Europa

The White Rabbit's Clock

The Red Queen

The scary Jack in the Box is back