September 17, 2022

Zambezi Zinger (SDC)


The land clearing and leveling at the Zambezi Zinger site continues to grow

This appears to be a runoff mitigation fence to help protect the creek.

They seem to be still pulling up old footers from the original Zinger in this section

Lots of old footers and other pieces of concrete piled up

The former Chamber of Horrors building is now gone.

Still several dumpsters on site

We might start seeing work on the new footers soon

On the other side of the tracks now, you can see that they have runoff fences over here too

This area seems like it is about done being leveled

Still some work to do be done over here apparently

It appears that the new ride will be pretty close to Fury of the Nile.  That is an observation tower for the ride in this photo

We cannot wait to start seeing this ride go vertical in the near future