August 7, 2004

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Welcome to Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

The park is divided into hamlets and the first one you enter is England.

Of course it wouldn't be England without the famous Globe Theatre.

The next hamlet is Scotland and home to the famous Loch Ness Monster.

Nessie is celebrating 25 years of thrills this season.

This is a massive Arrow built looping rollercoaster.

The signature interlocking loops of the coaster.  At one time, the coaster used to run three trains and time it to where there would be two trains in the loops at the same time.

It's the oldest coaster in the park, but still one of the more memorable ones.

The next hamlet is Ireland.

The main attraction in this area is a simulator ride called Cork Screw Hill.

The next section of the park features animal habitats.

They had quite the collection of birds of prey on display.

You could even hold a macaw if you wanted to.

I really liked their grey wolf exhibit.

The next hamlet is France.

France is home to the park's night show called Imaginique.

The main attraction here is the Le Mans Speedway.

The next hamlet is New France (or Canada) and it features Le Scoot.

Le Scoot is the park's log flume ride.

It actually features a pretty long course and this crazy final drop.

The kids section of the park is called Kingdom of the Dragons.

It features a lot of climbing structures and carousel.

The next hamlet is Germany.

Alpengeist calls Germnay home.

They had a fun photo op near the entrance to the ride.

This "ski run" is rated 4 black diamonds.

Alpengeist is a B&M designed inverted rollercoaster.

When it opened, it was the largest of its kind.

That vertical loop is very tall.

The supports of the lift hill were designed to look like a ski lift.

The thematic elements around the ride are awesome.

Germany is probably my favorite hamlet at the park.

Festhaus is my favorite place to eat at the park.

Mainly because they have a live show for you to watch while you eat.

The best coaster in the park is The Big Bad Wolf.

The coaster is known for its signature dive and swoop on the Rhine River.

This Arrow built Suspended Coaster has epic night rides.

Again, just top notch detailing in this section.

The next hamlet is Italy - and its thematic elements are no slouch either.

Seriously, just look how beautiful this place is.

One of the better rides in the area is Escape from Pompeii.

This is a themed Shoot 'd Chutes ride that features fire and animatronics.

The park's third and final water ride is also in this section - Roman Rapids.

This rapids ride will leave you drenched.

The final coaster in the park is Apollo's Chariot.

This is a B&M built hypercoaster and my current favorite.

Nothing but speed and airtime.  A great combination.

This is an amazing park.  Cannot wait to visit again.