August 8, 2004


Welcome to Dollywood.

First ride of the day would be Thunderhead.

This is a massive wooden coaster built by GCI.

Next I headed across the park to the rest of the rides.

I really like their church.

This is Daredevil Falls.

You get pretty wet.

The farthest coaster back in this section of the park is the Tennessee Tornado.

This is an Arrow built looping coaster.

Next door is Blazing Fury.

It is an indoor scenic railway coaster.

It's one of the remaining original rides at the park.

The park has another log flume.

It's called the Country Fair Falls.

It's a pretty decent log flume.

The rest of the Country Fair section has carnival rides like the Tilt-A-Whirl.

Bumper Cars.


Ferris Wheel.

and a Yo-Yo.

The park has one of the best train rides anywhere.

The wettest ride in the park is the Smoky Mountain Rampage.

It is a wild river rapids ride.

Another water ride at the park is the Mountain Slidewinder.

It is best described as a water toboggan ride.

The park has a kids themed fortress of activities as well.

They call it the Dreamland Forest.

The final section of the park is themed to the 1950's.

The main ride is the Rockin' Roadway.

You get to drive your own car here.

Dollywood is a great place to visit.