August 5, 2004

Cedar Point

Welcome to Cedar Point.

Raptor would be my first stop of the day.

This B&M inverted coaster is still one of the best out there.

Next door is the oldest coaster in the park - the Blue Streak.

It is still a quality ride.

I really like how they moved the Giant Wheel to the beach a few years back.

Wicked Twister is a guilty pleasure of mine,  Love this ride.

Cedar Downs is the best carousel out there.

Time to check out the back part of the park.

Corkscrew has a great location - looping over the midway.

Power Tower.

Top Thrill Dragster is a major adrenaline rush.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride is a fun mine train.

The best coaster in the park is still Millennium Force.

That's a long way up there.

Super fast and super floaty airtime on this hill.


Mantis is the park's stand-up coaster.

It's a decent ride.

Iron Dragon.

I love this place.  Cedar Point is such an awesome park.