May 30, 2009

Kings Island

Welcome to Kings Island

DiamondBack was my first coaster of the day

This mega hypercoaster ends with a splash

This has quickly become one of my favorite coasters in the country

It is so fast and full of airtime.  Just an all out fun ride.

Time to ride the legendary BEAST

While I prefer to ride at night, it's still a lot of fun during the day too

Backlot Stunt Coaster is a guilty pleasure for me.
For some odd reason I just really like this ride

Vortex hates me.  I sure wish it wouldn't beat me up

There are not many of these old Arrow loopers left

Next up was Firehawk.  A Vekoma Flying Dutchman

Yep a flying coaster.  It's a lot of fun, but takes forever to load

It's getting warm outside, let's go in and ride the indoor launched coaster Flight of Fear

The Racer was next.

This coaster is a movie star - it was featured on Brady Bunch

Don't overlook this minetrain.  I absolutely love it

Delirium is a great flat ride.  You get some mega air on it

Drop Tower - yeah, the name is horrible.  The ride isn't though

Face/Off is a Vekoma Invertigo

How about a large wooden coaster that beats the crap out of you?

I think they bit off more than they could chew with SOB

Flight Deck is a great Arrow suspended coaster

Let's go up in the tower

Quite the view up here

Here's the kiddie area

You can get a good view of SOB up here

Another great (yet extremely hot) day at Kings Island