May 30, 2009

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Welcome to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

First ride up was Greezed Lightnin'

Who doesn't love a flywheel launched coaster?

Next door is Roadrunner Express

This mouse coaster was a lot of fun

Bluebeard's Bounty

Break Dance



Bumper Cars

Let's head over to the other section of the park

The Giant Wheel

Chang is a B&M stand up coaster

This coaster is the king of the park

It is really the reason to visit Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Next up was T2: Terror to the Second Power

This Vekoma SLC coaster really slams itself through the course

I guess a coaster is a coaster

Blizzard River is a really good rapids ride

Next up is Thunder Run

I'm not going to pretend that this wasn't a rough wooden coaster

Roller Skater

Let's end the day with a ride on the Carousel.