May 31, 2009


Welcome to Dollywood

My day started off at Thunderhead

This crazy GCI wooden coaster twists all over the mountainside

Swooping off the first hill

Speaking of the first hill - it's all downhill from here

Timber Tower taking a dip into the fountains

Time for Mystery Mine

It features two vertical lifts and lots of twists

The highly themed coaster has indoor and outdoor sections

The hang time in this inversion is crazy

This is River Battle.  You WILL get wet

I'm having a great time

Next up is Tennessee Tornado

It features a huge loop

It's a lot of fun 

Time for some old school fun - Blazing Fury

How about we take a tour of Dolly's bus

Look at me - I'm on Dolly's bus!

Here's Dolly bedroom on the bus

Here's Dreamland Forest

Daredevil Falls

It makes quite the splash

I absolutely love this train.

I always have a good time when I am at Dollywood