June 1, 2009

Beech Bend

Welcome to Beech Bend Park

The crown jewel of the park is Kentucky Rumbler

This GCI built wooden coaster may not be the biggest

However it packs a punch and is a lot of fun

I do wish it was a tad longer, but other than that - a great ride

This death trap machine is called Looping Star

It starts off so innocent

Then the demons are unleashed and try to steal your soul

Dragon Wagon - yeah I rode it.  No shame

Wild Mouse is one of the newest coasters at the park

It spins like crazy

Let's take a look at the other rides in the park
Here's Flying Bobs


These are really good bumper cars

Starship 3000 is a really loud (music) rotor ride

Scat 2 is a really weird ride

The have a "home-made" ride through Haunted House

Moby Dick


Super Slide

Drop Tower

Ferris Wheel


Sea Dragon - originally owned by Michael Jackson

It's in the middle nowhere, but if you have the chance Beech Bend is worth a stop