June 27, 2009

Daredevil Daze (SF)


Welcome to Daredevil Daze 2009 at Six Flags St. Louis

We started off the day with a backstage tour of the round house

We also had a backstage photo session with Evel Knievel

It was fun being able to get different angles of the ride 

After the photo session it was time for ERT on Evel Knievel

It provided a great ride like normal

Next it was time to ride Mr. Freeze

This ride is quite the blast

We knocked out a lot of the other coasters in the park next

It is always a good idea to ride Big Spin before the crowds hit

Next it was time to ride a great minetrain - River King!

We then had a backstage tour of the other two wooden coasters

The Boss is mainly out in the woods so it's hard to see in the park

Look how close we are to the train speeding by

This is a really large wooden coaster

Quite the mountain of lumber

Time for lunch

Lots of good food with good friends

The night ended with the Glow in the Park Parade.

We had a nice time at the park today