July 17, 2009

Splashin' Safari

Welcome to Splashin' Safari - Holiday World's waterpark

Wahtubee was the first slide of the day

Otorongo was next

Probably my favorite slide here

The extremely long and dark Zoombabwe

The next slide was Zinga

Zinga has some unique looking rafts

I love how the raft goes back and forth in the huge funnel

Time to get your race on with Jungle Racers

This huge bowl is called Bakuli and yes you go around in circles

Kima Bay is a huge waterfortress of fun

Pilgrim's Plunge is technically in the Thanksgiving section of Holiday World

But riders from the waterpark can go ride it as well

I got to be honest, you don't get very wet on this ride

Bahari is the park's large wave pool 

It was a great sunshiny day at Splashin' Safari