December 27, 2009

Busch Gardens Tampa

Welcome to Busch Gardens Tampa

They were still celebrating Christmas

I started the day at Gwazi

Unfortunately, this dueling wooden coaster is a mere shell of its former glory

This park is so pretty

I made a new friend at one of the aviaries

SheiKra was my next coaster of the day

SheiKra is a B&M Dive Coaster

The wide floorless trains really add to the thrill factor of the ride

The coaster features two straight down drops

It ends with a splash (only those watching get wet - you stay dry on board)

The ride is a lot of fun - and I enjoyed watching the splashdowns at lunch

Which I had here - so yummy

Big kitty!

Next it was time for KUMBA

Kumba is a B&M built sit down looper

Kumba means Roar

This coaster really packs a punch

The next coaster was Cheetah Chase

Scorpion is right across the street

I really like these old school loopers


Time for Rhino Rally

Let's go see some rhinos

There's one

Oh no - our raft has broken free

The raft traveled down this crazy "river"

Heading into Egypt

This area is home to Montu

Montu is an amazing B&M inverted coaster

This is a massive coaster - one of the largest inverteds out there

The coaster features a lot of submerged elements

Here is one of the many trenches featured on the coaster

Let's take a ride on the Sky Ride

This is so much fun

Such a pretty park

I always have a great time at Busch Gardens.  Today was no different