December 5, 2009

Coaster Christmas VI (SDC)


Welcome to ACE's Coaster Christmas VI at Silver Dollar City.
Time to head into the park

It's kind of strange walking through the park without other guests present

Due to low temperatures, the morning ERT was canceled

So the park treated everyone to backstage tours

The first tour was of WIldfire's workshop

Check out all of those wheels

This contraption allows maintenance to inspect the track

They already had the 2nd train stripped down to inspect for the off season

Here's the wheel carriages.  Pretty neat to see everything up close

Here's the main work space - love the B&M sign there on the back wall

This is so neat

The next tour was PowderKeg

The third train was already torn down for inspection

Here is the tops of the train

Restraint parts

We were all pretty impressed with everything in this shop

Another look at the carriage tops from below

One of the wheel carriages being worked on

We got to do a little walking around the track area too

I loved getting to be so close to the track area

You don't get this close during a regular day

Below the launch area

The final brake run area

Time to head back into the station and the actual park

We were then escorted backstage to the Opera House for VIP seating

It was awesome like normal

After the show, we got to go backstage at the River Blast construction site

This looks like it will be a nice addition

After an amazing lunch, it was time for presentations
Lisa Rau from SDC welcomed everyone to the event

Nick Guevel from Worlds of Fun talked about the success of Prowler

Brad Thomas from SDC talked about the new River Blast area

He made it sound like this would be a great addition to the park

Everyone will have to come check out River Blast next year

It was a great day and event at SDC!