August 10, 2010

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Welcome to Busch Gardens Williamburg.

Let's check out the new Forest of Fun

Grover's Alpine Express

Who doesn't enjoy a junior rollercoaster?

Prince Elmo's Spire

Let's take a ride on Griffon

This is a very large B&M Dive Coaster

I cannot understate how wide these trains are

The splash down finale

Time for Alpengeist - a very large B&M inverted

This thing just towers over this part of the park

Look at the size of that vertical loop

This is a huge cobra roll

It is a very intense inverted coaster that's a lot of fun

The Curse of DarKastle is a 3D ride adventure much like Spider-man

The LEGEND is real - the Loch Ness Monster

This is a classic Arrow looping coaster

Nessie is best known for it's interlocking loops

If they are running 3 trains and time it right, they can get two trains in the loops at the same time, which makes a really neat visual

I had lunch in the Festahaus

They have a fun Oktoberfest show while you eat

Speaking of food - it is so good

This park is beautiful

Time for a ride on a great B&M hypercoaster

You can't see much of the ride's layout, but here is the first drop

Coming back in on the multiple bunny hops

It's warm today, let's do a tour of the water rides.
This is Roman Rapids

Escape from Pompeii 

Le Scoot Log Flume

Here's the park's simulator ride - Europe in the Air... get it?

Choo Choo!!!

Another great day at Busch Gardens!