August 10, 2010


Welcome to Carowinds

Let's go ride some rides!

This is the reason I am here - INTIMIDATOR

The ride is themed to Dale Earnhardt

This B&M built hypercoaster dominates the skyline

Going DOWN!

Some good moments of airtime here

The trains feature the new "Spread V" configuration.  Lots of fun.

Flying Ace Aerial Chase

Woodstock's Express

Lucy's Crabbie Cabbie

Time for an awesome B&M inverted coaster

After Burn doesn't get the recognition that it deserves

It is super intense

I seriously love this ride.

Who doesn't love a good flyer?  These are very snappable.

Drop (Tower) Zone

Hurler is a horrible wooden coaster

This is Carolina Cyclone

It's an old school Arrow Corkscrew

Ricochet - a Mad Mouse

Goldrusher is the park's minetrain

Carolina Cobra is another Boomerang coaster

The harnesses make it a tad easier to ride

Nighthawk is a Vekoma flying coaster

Boo Blasters - Sally built shooter ride

Thunder Road racing wooden coaster

Vortex - B&M Stand up coaster

I'm now in the Star Tower.  Here's Intimidator

Front gate area

Action Zone with Hurler and Drop Tower

There's Vortex

Nighthawk and Aerial Chase

After Burn

We end this report with me standing in two different states.
Carowinds is right on the border or North & South Carolina.