August 12, 2010

Kings Dominion

Welcome to Kings Dominion

First ride of the day would be Dominator

This B&M floorless coaster dominates the front of the park

Woodstock's Express

Time to ride Boo Blasters - a Sally shooter ride

The Crypt

Volcano: the Blast Coaster

I love how the volcano actually erupts fire before the coaster launches

This is by far my favorite coaster here


Flight of Fear - indoor launched coaster


Time to ride Intimidator 305

This is a very large coaster designed by Intamin

The coaster starts off with a very high drop and then a brown out curve

The coaster is very fast, but not necessarily fun

It's almost too much

Backlot Stunt Coaster

Drop (Zone) Tower

Americana Ferris Wheel

Rebel Yell racing wooden coaster

El Diablo



Flying Eagles

The Grizzly

Shenandoah Lumber Company

Let's take a look around from the Eiffel Tower

There's my favorite coaster at the park

Had a great time at Kings Dominion today