June 25, 2011

Adventure Bay

Welcome to Adventure Bay.
and Hooray for having the entire family here.

So it's a little cold today, but that's fine as the water is heated at this park.

Typhoon is a lot fun with it's funnel midway down the slide

The Bermuda Quadrangle features 4 different raft slides

The two most unique are the topsy turvy slide and the bullet bowl slide

Fun little kiddie splash pad going unused so far today

The speed slides are a little intimidating - but a lot of fun

Like normal, Barrel Butt beat all of us down the racer slides

It seriously feels straight down when you're on it

We walked a lap around the lazy river

They make you rent tubes for it - which I find strange

We ended the day by playing a little on the waterfortress.

We didn't last long because the water isn't heated for the fortress.

I think we lasted long enough - time to dry off and head into Adventureland