June 21, 2011

Kings Island

Welcome to Kings Island

Started off at Fire Hawk (because of the slow loading)

Next was Flight of Fear

Decided to knock out the other coasters in this section next

Racer is always a lot of fun

This thing is rattly but we still rode it

They don't make them like this any more (thank goodness)

How about another WindSeeker credit?

Honestly you really can't see that much where they put their's

They got dinosaurs now

This is about as much as we did with the dinosaurs

Since we are in the area

Hil really liked the tunnel ending

Time to ride the coaster with the weirdest lift hill ever

Delirium is so much fun

Top Flight Gun Deck

Hissy Hissy Little Snake

Diamond Back is a lot of fun


It's time to ride the best

Seriously, this is the best

It's even better in the dark

So this is still a thing.  Not sure why

Derrijk kicked our butts again on this ride

Runaway Reptar... Flying Ace something

Woodstock's Express

Surf Dog

Apparently I get to ride this now (Hil wanted to)

I guess this is fun?

Time to go up in there

It was a little windy up here

You could see lots of things

We had a great day

Good night Kings Island