June 20, 2011

Cedar Point

Welcome to Cedar Point

New this year is Windseeker

I really like how it is on the beach.  It has great views

Raptor was next

Derrijk and Hil really enjoyed it

We rode Blue Streak since we were in the area

Disaster Transport was calling so we headed there next

Millennium Force was next

This is still my favorite steel coaster

We rode Mantis because it was there

It's probably my least favorite B&M here

Corkscrew has a great setting.

Top Thrill Dragster time

This coaster is insane

You are all the way up there before you even know it

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Dive Dive Dive

Magnum was next

We rode Gemini next.

Woodstock Express - because we can

The Cedar Creek Mine Ride

I love S&S swings

How about Renegade?

I think if it didn't have the over the shoulder restraints, it would be a better ride

Hil wanted to ride the water rides, so we did.  Snake River Falls was first

We rode their log flume next

Of course we had to ride Thunder Canyon while in the area.

Well we are changed out of our wet clothes, let's go ride some more coasters

I think we can all agree this is our favorite coaster here

We had a great time at Cedar Point

Cannot wait to visit again soon