March 30, 2012

Off Season Update (WOF)

We were invited out to the park for an off season tour. 
Patriot trains were parked out in the front courtyard.

Voyager boats were also stored out here.

Scandia Skees is being converted into a new main gift shop.

This will be the new entrance.

I really like the new paint scheme.

Still a lot of work to be done inside the store.

Some improvements have been done to the outside of All Stars Grill.

A tree had to be removed in the Orient Section

Pavement is being replaced near the Americana Food Court.

This will be the new home to Caribou Coffee.

They are still working on the inside.

Detonator's new Fast Lane steps.

Wacky Worm has been moved up to the main level of Planet Snoopy.

They plan to retheme the ride.

The lower level (where Wacky Worm was) is now going to be closed.

New snack stand being built in the MAMBA plaza.

MAMBA Photos has been repainted.

Monsoon's drop has been repainted.

Now that the parks will be combined into one, the Same Day Gateway has been removed.

It'll be interesting to see all of the improvements that are being made over at OOF.

Boomerang has also been repainted.

It looks great.  Thanks to Brandon Stanley for showing me around the park today.