March 24, 2012

Sea Life Minnesota (MOA)

Welcome to Sea Life Minnesota at Mall of America

Once you head down the escalators you end up here.

The first exhibit is a large ray pool

Lots of different species of rays in this pool

You are only allowed to look though.  No touching

You CAN however touch starfish in this pool

These are straw fish.  I can't remember what the scientific name is

Moon jelly fish

More moon jelly fish


New sea horse exhibit

I love how they hold onto things with their tails

We found Dory.  (Blue Tangs)

More of the coral reef exhibit

This guy was cleaning everything

NEMO!  (clown fish)

Sea turtle

The ocean tunnel is the best part of this aquarium

Derrijk and Jesse checking out the different aquatic creatures

Heading into the shark portion of the underwater tunnels

They had another sea turtle in this exhibit

Sawtooth shark

Lots of tiger and black tip sharks

Some of the sharks were pretty good sized

Derrijk checking out the sharks

These sharks are so much fun to watch swim

This is the largest one in the tank

Big schools of fish

There were two schools in this tank

I love this place

Freshwater tank

There are some big fish in here

Turtles and Sharky in the boat

More turtles

Heading into the jungle section now


Blue poison dart frog

The area has a waterfall


Pretty cool place