March 17, 2012

Spring Ride Days (SDC)

Welcome to a new season of thrills at SDC and to Spring Ride Days!

The Pickers were out jamming on the porch of the Homestead.

First coaster of the year would be WildFire

Still a great ride.

Time to go ride a classic - Fire in the Hole.

Look who is ready for a new season of fun!

Lost River is actually open if you're crazy enough to get wet in this chilly weather.

Time for the Giant Barn Swing.

Doc Gizmo was back for some Science Magic.

Anything that has fire in it is fine by me.

Decided to check out Geyser Gulch.

Heading into Echo Hollow.

ElectroSpin is one my favorite rides in this area.

Time to ride Mom's favorite ride in this area.

Never fails - we got robbed again on the train.

Yes, I had to ride the Flooded Mine.

Not bad for my first time through this season.

Had to round out the coasters - so TNT was next.

PowderKeg finally opened so we headed there next.

This year is already starting with a blast - we'll be back soon.