June 28, 2014

KC Bahn Con V


Welcome to KC Bahn Con V at Schlitterbahn Kansas City, KS.

Morning ERT was on Boogie Bahn.

and on Storm Blaster.

The park is now open to the rest of the general public - let's check out the other rides.

The park has a very complex river complex.

Here are where the 3 rivers converge.

The top of King Kaw.

King Kaw is the longest river in the park.

This is the longest aqua-conveyor in the park.

Let's check out this tube slide complex.

This slide complex has mat slides and an enclosed tube slide.

This is the Torrent River which is a wave pool river.

Verruckt is the newest slide at the park - it's not quite ready for riders.

The park fed the KC Bahn Con participants a great lunch.

You have to one of these to learn the secrets.

What secrets?  Well if I told you, then they wouldn't be secrets.

Group photo of everyone that attended KC Bahn Con V.

It was a great day... no a Schlitter-riffic Day.