June 29, 2014

Verruckt Construction (Schlitterbahn)

We're back with another Verruckt update.  To start off - no the ride is still not open.

They were working on things today though.

First off, you know how I said I didn't think the run-out would be adequate enough.

Well, I was right.

They have since had to length it and then have a huge water splash at the end to stop the raft completely.  You'll notice that this cuts right through that shade structure they built.

So that shad structure is now pointless.  Here is the exit from the ride.

They've added nets around the slide.  I'm not sure how that will help.

They've been having a lot of issues with the conveyor system too.

The boats have also been stalling and not making it over the second hill so they built this escape hatch area to evacuate rafts that don't make it.

They have also decided that they need to put netting over the steps to protect people from themselves.

Apparently the slide is just chewing the rafts up.  Not a good sign.

They have to hoist the rafts back up the slide with a rope since the conveyor won't work.  Also you'll notice they've put a friction pad about halfway down the drop to slow the raft down.  I guess it was pulling too may G's at the bottom.

Sorry guys, I just do not see this thing opening anytime soon.