April 3, 2015

Sea World San Antonio

Welcome to Sea World San Antonio.

Sea World Parks are celebrating 50 years this season.

Let's go check out the park.

First priority - Penguins.

Penguins are easily on of my favorite animals.

First show of the day would be AZUL.

The show features cirque-inspired acts...

with dolphins and...

Beluga whales.

The gators were out sunning and relaxing.

First coaster of the day would be Steel Eel.

Everyone on board?  All right, let's ride.

This is a Morgan built hyper coaster.

It really towers over this part of the park.

A very unusual camel back hump.

The coaster features some great airtime moments.

Next was Journey to Atlantis.

This is a hybrid coaster and water ride.

Lunch was very yummy.

Next show of the day would be Pets Ahoy!

It was a very well done and entertaining show.

Shamu Express is the park's kiddie coaster.

Let's check out Sesame Street's Bay of Play.

The Sesame Street characters also put on a show in this area.

Rio Loco is the park's rapids raft ride.

It looks like you get soaked on the ride.

Pink flamingos.

The other big coaster at the park is the Great White.

This is a B&M built inverted coaster.

It swoops right over the midway.

This coaster has the same layout as Batman the Ride.

It's a great ride.

The marquee show is One Ocean at Shamu Stadium.

It's amazing how these large animals can propel themselves so far out of the water.

The animals seem to genuinely enjoy performing.

They really like to get the crowd wet.

Just an amazing show by amazing animals.

I always have a good time at Sea World.