April 2, 2015

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Welcome to Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

First destination of the day would be Goliath.

Goliath is a B&M built inverted coaster.

It's layout is similar to the Batman the Ride clones.

It is a very enjoyable ride.

I really enjoy the look of the entrance area of this park.

The next coaster that you meet is Boomerang: Coast to Coaster.

It is your typical boomerang installation from Vekoma.

Road Runner Express was not open yet for the season.

It is receiving some major track work including the complete replacement of a few segments.

Continuing on we come to Iron Rattler.

RMC came in and did a complete retrack and some major reconfigurations to the original Rattler wooden coaster that had run in this same spot since the park opened.

The new layout features an inversion - a first of it's kind for RMC.

The new ride is shorter, but much more intense and a smoother ride.

Iron Rattler still utilizes the tunnel through the quarry wall making for a perfect ending to the ride.

I really enjoyed this ride.  Big time improvement over the Rattler.

The park has an excellent rapids ride called the Gully Washer.

You can see it going under the railroad bridge here.
You can't escape getting wet on this ride.

The park also has a SkyScreamer ride that is very close to the quarry wall.

Next coaster on the loop is Superman Krypton Coaster.

This is a B&M built floorleass coaster.

Personally this is probably my favorite floorless design in the United States.

I really like how the coaster interacts with the quarry walls.

One of the best flume rides out there is Bugs White Water Rapids.

This log flume is themed to the story of Bugs and Singing Sword.

You will get a little wet on this ride.

Here you can see the rollercoaster section of the ride (under the lift).

Really like the look of this section.

Kiddee Koaster is the park's coaster for kids.

It's your basic Vekoma Rollerskate.


This is a Premier LIM Launched Coaster.

It really is a tangled knot of coaster track.

Scream! - a S&S built trio of towers.

Rockville area of the park.

It will soon be home to the world's first S&S Free-fly coaster.

This is Batman: the Ride.

Riders will be seated in these carts on either side of the track.

You then head up this vertical lift and then once you hit the top your seats will maneuver a series of small hills and large drops forcing your seats to spin forward or backwards causing you to invert.

It will be a very interesting ride once completed - I look for there to be future installations of this particular ride at other Six Flags parks across the country.

The final section of the park is the Fiesta Bay Boardwalk.

Scooby Doo is a very popular ride in this section.

The last coaster of the day would be Pandemonium.

This coaster used to themed to Tony Hawk and called the Big Spin - apparently that partnership has run out or has been cancelled.

The coaster is still fun without the questionable theme to a skateboarder.

I had a great time at the park today.