April 5, 2015

Six Flags over Texas

Welcome to Six Flags over Texas.

The park's new Justice League ride is not quite ready to go yet.

So I guess we will start the day with Pandemonium instead.

It's a very spinny rollercoaster.

If you want to ride it though - I'd recommend heading here first as the lines get long fast.

Judge Roy Scream was next.

This classic out and back wooden coaster is built practically outside the park.

It is full of airtime and that's a good thing.

It reminds me a lot of Screamin' Eagle back home at Six Flags St. Louis.

Time to head into Gotham City.

Any park that has a Batman the Ride is a good park.

It's just interesting that all three major parks in the state have a clone of this ride.

Next was Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast.

First off - I love how Mr. Freeze and Batman appear to duel.

This is a great ride.  I love facing down on the spire.

How about we try out a very tall swing ride.

The Texas Sky Screamer is the current record holder in height for a swing ride.

These rides are a lot of fun.

How can you not love a swing ride themed to pistols?

Two Mine Trains - which should be do first?

Mini won out.

Don't let it fool you, it's fun.

The bigger Mine Train next door is fun too.

This was the first Mine Train to be built.

It's crazy in some spots.

Superman Tower of Power is the park's S&S built tower ride.

Shock Wave is the park's classic Schwarzkopf looper.

They don't build them like this anymore.

It's a great ride.

Is this thing ever open?  It never is when I am at the park.  "Too Windy"

This is a fun dark ride boat float.

Runaway Mountain is an indoor coaster.

Time for the marquee attraction at the park - The NEW Texas Giant.

This former wooden coaster was redone by RMC and started the current craze of wild wooden coasters with steel track.

To say that RMC improved the ride would be an understatement.

This overbanked curve is insane.

Is this ride a lot of fun?

Definitely.  It's worth the price of admission alone just to ride it.

Final coaster of the day is the very tall TITAN which is full of speed and air.

Another great day at the original Six Flags park.