June 28, 2016

Adventure Bay

Welcome to Adventure Bay - Adventureland's water park

The first attraction you see is the original.  This is Kokomo Kove

This waterfortress was the original piece of the Adventure Bay expansion

Next is the Bermuda Quadrangle.  It features 4 tube slides.
Topsy Turvy, Bowl, Enclosed and Half Enclosed/Open.

Typhoon is a multi-person raft slide that has a medium top halfway through

Carribean Cruiser is the park's lazy river

It circles around the middle of the park

Here is more of the lazy river over on the Western side of the park

In the middle of the park (and encircled by the lazy river) is the Sand Bar Pool
Another look at the Sand Bar Pool area

Here you can see the Reef Racer (6-lane mat racer slides) and
the speed racers (Pirates Plunge - red/white/blue and Gangplank - green)

There is a large sunbathing area at the park of the park.  
In the distance you can see the kiddie pool area

Breaker Beach Wave Pool has two different programs it runs.
One features gentle waves while the other has more intense waves

Adventure Bay is a great waterpark.  Though I feel that its popularity has 
created a need for additional capacity.  Hopefully more slide can be added soon