June 10, 2016

Oceans of Fun

Welcome to Oceans of Fun - Worlds of Fun's waterpark.

The first thing that you see when you enter the waterpark is Paradise Falls.
The water fortress features numerous slides and water activities.

Next is this massive waterslide complex.  It features 3 drop capsule body slides that are called Predators' Plunge.  Those are the three highest slides you see.

The complex also features 3 tube slides.  The purple and yellow slide is called Constrictor and then the two other blue slides are called Sharks' Revenge.

Surf City Wavepool is massive and it was PACKED today.
New this year - FREE TUBES.  All I can say is, "it's about time!"

The tallest slide at the park is Hurricane Falls.  It is a family raft slide.

The lazy river also has FREE tubes this year.  It is called Caribbean Cooler.

Diamond Head is a trio of body slides that are really old school.
I'm not going to lie, I get terrified that I am going to fly out every time I ride them.

The award for the best logo in a waterpark goes to Typhoon.
This twin set of body slides is probably my favorite attraction in the park.

Aruba Tuba is the oldest set of tube slides in the park.  It empties into Coconut Cove.

Welcome to Coconut Cove - a HUGE activity pool

You'll notice there are small slides and floating animals in this pool.

There is also a very popular obstacle course walk in this pool as well.

There are two areas in the park for the younger kids.  This is Splash Island

There is also Crocodile Isle and Captain Kidd's Pirate Ship.

There's also an "Adults Only" pool because you know...  "adult drinks" 

Finally the park has a Shoot the Chutes ride called Monsoon.

I had a great time at Oceans of Fun.  
With how hot it was today, in the water was the place to be.