January 1, 2017

Ripley's Orlando Odditorium

Welcome to Ripley's Believe It or Not - Orlando Odditorium


Let's get this odd tour started.

Huge lightbright wall.

This room is full of optical allusions and riddles.

This is the gravity-defying room.

The billiards table is just wrong.

This display is all about strange coffins.

A real shrunken head.

This is car made out of wood.

How about some animals made out of random things?

I have no idea what would posses a person to make these things.

A giant magic pin board.

Yep, it's a King Kong made out of tires.

The world's fattest man.

When the tallest man in the world makes you look short.

Dad and I sitting in a tire from Big Foot.

Now it's time to make portraits out of candy.  Because... reasons.

Now this room is all about strange people.  Like this guy who can bug out his eyes.

It makes you wonder what led to this people figuring out they had these "talents"

I bet their parents are so proud of them.

Well it was an interesting place to visit (it was included on one of our "super tickets").
So on the behalf our family and President-Elect, "Good Night" and "You're Fired"