January 2, 2017

Fun Spot America - Orlando

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Welcome to Fun Spot America - in Orlando!

This park used to be a small Family Entertainment Center, but it has really exploded here recently with some major expansions, including WHITE LIGHTNING.

White Lightning is a GCI built wooden coaster.

This is really GCI's only out and back style woodie in existence.

The ride still features some of GCI's trademarked curves on this wild and fast layout.

The park's other big coaster is Freedom Flyer.

This is an extended Vekoma built Junior Inverted coaster.

The park is currently doing a VR treatment on the ride if you want to do it.

Personally I prefer to not ride with a phone in front of my face.

It is actually a pretty fast ride for the style of coaster that it is.

Space Invader - a S&S Swing.

Carousel - with the Statue of Liberty on top.

Screamer - a Moser Drop Tower.




Some of the rides in the Kid Spot section.

Scooby Boo Fun House and Fun Slide.

Sea Serpent - kiddie coaster.

Yes, of course, I rode it.

Rip Curl (musik express) and Enterprise (from Six Flags over Georgia).

Revolver Ferris Wheel.

Bumper Boats.

Bumper Kars.

SkyCoaster - World's Largest.

Thrasher Track.

This is a fast flat track with sharp corners.

The stations for Conquest Track and Quad Helix Track.

Quad Helix is the longest track at the park.

It takes a long time to get through the entire course.

Commander Track.

It features the fastest cars at the park (it's the green track).

Conquest Track.

While it features this cool hill, it also has the slowest carts at the park.

We really had a good time at the park.  The go-kart tracks were awesome.

Sadly enough, this is our last night in Orlando and we must return home tomorrow.  
It's been an amazing vacation