February 24, 2019

Cotton Blossom BBQ (WOF)

Worlds of Fun released a new video of the progress on Cotton Blossom BBQ.  These are stills taken from the video.  This first still is from across RipCord Lake looking at the new eatery.

Appears to be an exit door

Lots of windows on this front side.  That should let in some nice natural lighting.

This will be the entrance door to the new eatery.

Looking down the road to Patriot Landing.  The old Americana Food Court would have been to the right of this photo.

Looking back towards Americana Star Fountain Plaza and Front Street Shops

Now for some progress photos inside.

Looking back towards the kitchen.

Looking out of the kitchen towards the serving area.

The serving area.

Finally this is the register area.  I imagine the drink dispensers will be on the far wall much like how there are in the similar restaurant that's at Kings Island