February 24, 2019

Wonders of Wildlife Aquarium

Welcome to the Wonders of Wildlife Aquarium at the Bass Pro Shops complex in Springfield, MO

The first room has an endless ocean with some large fish in it, including sharks.

Next we see a large school of fish in a water vortex style of aquarium.

All of the exhibits are huge here.  They feature both real and sometimes taxidermy. 
There are Map Puffer (top) Maori Wrasse (right) and Malabar Grouper (bottom) in this large tank.

Bass Force One - the President's fishing boat.

Missouri born President Truman.

Next is the Shipwreck Room (this is a two level exhibit and we'll visit the lower level later on in our tour).

The central column aquarium is amazing and quite tall too.
Black Spotted Puffer (right) and Cowfish (behind)

Filefish (front) and some Parrotfish and Snappers in the back.
Giant Moray Eel

Spotted Moray Eel (left) Green Moray Eel (right)

Garden Eel
Caribbean Spiny Lobster
They had a suspension bridge in the next room.  It was really bouncy.

Florida Pompano

Sea Turtle

Ray hanging out at the bottom of the tank.

Clownfish (Nemo)

Poison Dart Frog
Red Piranha
Electric Eel

Peacock Bass

Green Aracari
Sea Nettle
Blue Blubber Jelly

Moon Jelly

Sand Tiger Sharks

Brown Shark 

Tang in the Coral Tank
Giant room full of different types of shells.

Potbelly Seahorse

Giant crab


Albino Channel Catfish

Alligator Alley
Black Bear


Ray touch pool
Keep an eye on them, they like to splash guests.

That concludes our tour.  When you decide to WOW Aquarium, make sure you budget a significant amount of time as this place is huge and takes several hours to explore.