October 5, 2019

Pumpkins in the City (SDC)

Welcome to the all-new Pumpkins in the City at Silver Dollar City

The festival takes place almost exclusively in the Grand Expo section of the park

You really have to pay attention or you might miss some of the extremely detailed pumpkins that they have light up all over the area.

This house made of gourds was really neat.

The main sculpture welcomes you the festival near the Red Gold Heritage Hall

A pile of pumpkins by the swings

A large owl near the Electro-spin

There are a lot of smaller carvings around the larger sculpture

The main gazebo is surrounded by pumpkins

There are even more on the roof

Next to the Tea Party is a large spider sculpture

Don't miss the baby spiders also in the area (you might have to look up)

A giant cat sculpture next to the Galleon

Some traditional pumpkins near the entrance to the Tea Party

Another stack of pumpkins next to the Elephant Parade

The all new area being billed as the Pumpkin Plaza features special booths with food, photo ops, face painting and souvenirs.  There is also a DJ and dance party.

It's hard to miss this huge display of inflatables.

There is one final part of the Festival that we need to explore

There is a new pathway between the Pumpkin Plaza and Boatworks Theater that features lots of pumpkin carvings

Don't miss the hoot owls flying overhead

Really take your time when exploring the pathway to check out all of the different animals that are displayed on the pumpkins


A very cool campfire scene

Pumpkins in the City is awesome and makes the Fall another "cannot miss" season for the park.  Don't miss out on this new tradition.  It will run at SDC through October 26