October 26, 2019

Winterfest Prep (WOF)

It's already starting to look like Winterfest at Worlds of Fun.  The Emporium has already changed over to the Mistletoe in the Front Street Shops

The store is already full of Winterfest souvenirs

SteelHawk has already been converted into a Christmas tree of lights

The trees around the Americana Star Fountain Plaza area decked out with lights

Europa probably has the most prep completed of all of the sections

They have at least covered the lights with burlap to help disguise them

The smaller of the two trees is already up in Europa

More lights near the Taxis

Deja Vu is closed and is in the process of being converted to Tinker's Toy Box

Lots of work already done in Planet Snoopy

Stars installed on the Africa bridge

Lights in the Orient disguised

Winterfest opens November 23rd at Worlds of Fun