October 4, 2019

Sidewinder (CDX Blocks)

Today's build will be the new CDX Blocks Sidewinder.  This is the front of the box

The back of the box

Unboxing all of the parts.  I really like how they come presorted.

First step was to build the base for the lift structure

It really went together quickly

Next was the base plates for the rest of the ride.  The wide area will be where the loop will go.

Entire circuit of base plates in place.

Time to start building supports

The first drop supports

Floater hill and run back to the lift

Pulling the chain lift

Now it is time to add the track and cross ties

Here's that floater hill I mentioned earlier

The toughest part was getting the loop right

Finished product before I add the train

Train now on the track, time to do some test runs

Had to do some adjusting to get the train to complete the circuit properly

It really flies down the first drop now

Going through the loop.
First drop

Floater hill.

It turned out great and will be an excellent addition to our growing line up of CDX products already on display at both work and our house.