August 1, 2020

Moonlight Madness (SDC)

Welcome to Moonlight Madness at SDC

One thing you'll notice is that there is not any extra activities on the square this year

It was nice to see the craft demonstrators out today

This year, unfortunately, Moonlight Madness is basically just extended hours for riding

Which gives you some really neat visuals of the rides all light up at night

You also get WildFire sunsets which are always beautiful

On select nights during the festival, there are socially distanced concerts in Echo Hollow

Newsboys was performing on the day I was at the park

Each night of the festival ends with fireworks

Which you can see from pretty much anywhere in the park

Including Firemans Landing

If you want, even the water rides are open at night

Moonlight Madness runs through August 9th at SDC