August 1, 2020

Mystic River Falls - NOW OPEN (SDC)

Welcome to the brand new Mystic River Falls

There is an overflow queue area just outside the main entrance to the ride.  
I have no plans to ever wait in a line that long.

To enter the ride queue line, you walk up the stairs and over this bridge

Going across the bridge will give you this cool view of the load station

The first room of the queue area features 3 boats hanging from the ceiling

Wall art in the first area.

This area of the room features a map of Marvel Cave

There is also a photo of Pearl Brazen who is the main character in the backstory for the ride

Going into the second room now you pass these crates

There is also two signs advertising maps for the Cave and the River.  Apparently this area is supposed to be an informational stand

The second room of the queue area

There is a cut out area of the wall where you can see the rafts go down the final drop

A oar display dominates the area.

The following are posters that you will go past on your way to the next area of the queue.

A very large painting of the logo for the company that runs the ride in the backstory

Heading into the last section of the queue which goes outside the building

The final display before you enter the load station

The load station features a continuous conveyor that slowly takes rafts the length of the building.

Once you exit the building, you go down a short roller ramp to the water below

Next the rafts are taken to the top of the River before setting sail

This boat has just exited the conveyor and is at the very top of the River

Heading down the first section of the river

The raft then turns a corner and a long straight away comes next full or rapids

Turning the corner, the sluice drips on the rafts as they go by

Going past a waterfall

Making a turn.  The mine shaft is in the back, where we are headed soon

Making another turn before heading to the mine shaft

Once you go through the mine shaft you arrive at the base of the elevator lift

The elevator lift takes you to the top of the elevated portion of the ride

Where you quickly find yourself going down the final drop making a big splash at the bottom

After the drop you float back to the station

If your boat is not aligned correctly for loading/unloading, it will be spun slightly on the green metal that you can see here

After departing your raft, you'll collect your items and walk down the exit pathway

This exit gateway bids you farewell as you enter back into the park

There is a small souvenir stand in the area that features shirts

and other items for purchase.