August 14, 2020

World Update (WOF)

Welcome back to Worlds of Fun.  Since our last visit, the park made the extremely unpopular decision to cut the season short.  Their last operational day will be Labor Day

With that being said, the summer is winding down quickly for KC's favorite amusement park.  Thankfully the grounds crew is not phoning in the season as the park looks amazing

This is probably my favorite version of the floral clock yet

Seriously the grounds crew does an amazing job at this park.  Easily the prettiest park in the chain

Since Oceans of Fun was not allowed to open this summer, thanks to some crazy overreach by the local government, the park "moved" Monsoon back over to Worlds of Fun for the summer

Fury of the Nile is now open for the season and with it, the walkway between Coasters Drive-In and the Floral Clock

Viking Voyager is also open

Which means that only 4 main rides did not open in the park (Cyclone Sam's, Steel Hawk, Falcon's Flight and... )

... Boomerang.

This one is a puzzle to me.  The train isn't even in the station.  I am not really sure why they decided that it would not open this season

Like we mentioned earlier, the park's last operational day is September 7th (Labor Day).  After that, the park will be closed until next spring.  That means NO Haunt and NO Winterfest this year.  Yeah, we think that's ridiculous too.  Welcome to 2020.