December 11, 2021

Holiday In the Park (SFSTL)


Welcome to Holiday in the Park at Six Flags St. Louis

The entrance logo looks awesome

The main entrance plaza is extremely festive

Let's take a look around the park

The Palace Gardens are all light up

Colossus looks awesome

They made the arbor tunnels into tunnels of lights

There's a nativity scene set up between the two arbor tunnels

In the arbor tunnel closest to Mr. Freeze's entrance, they had a petting zoo

DC Comics Circle has a nice looking tree.  Mr. Freeze is unfortunately closed for the season

Yes that is the DC Comics Circle restroom all light up

Lots of photo props near the Log Flume

The midway by the Log Flume

More photo props near the Log Flume

It is interesting that they put so many props along this walkway

My vote for best looking ride station during Holiday in the Park goes to American Thunder

The Palace has some neat lighting effects

Time for a train ride (both stations are open)

This was a very popular ride during the festival

Lots of decorated trees near the Saloon

So many trees

This is where Santa was located this year

Bugs Bunny National Park had the most rides open during the festival

They had the trees candy-striped in the kiddie area

The fountain near the Minetrain (which is closed for the season) received a cool water light effect

It continues down the hill to Mooseburger Lodge (which is also closed for the season)

Ninja looking festive even though it closed for the season

Themed lights near Joker Inc, even though it is also closed for the season

More photo props in the Backlot area

Another tree near Johnny Rockets in the Backlot

Decorations near Batman entrance

The entrance plaza looks even better at night

Seriously, the icon sign looks amazing

We had a great time, but the limited options for rides was a little discouraging