December 11, 2021

Holiday in the Park - Shows (SFSTL)



Holiday in the Park at St. Louis really pulled out the stops this year to offer numerous show offerings.  The granddaddy of them all continues to be The Majesty of Christmas in the Palace Theatre

The show utilizes a large cast of singers and animals

There's also a flying angel

This mini-musical presents the Christmas Nativity Story on stage

There's even a camel

The show is definitely a crowd pleaser and performs in front of large crowds

Rockin' Holiday Hits performs on the Palace Porch

All of themed characters gather for Light the Night, the official kickoff of the evening

The Magic of Christmas light show returns to the Palace Porch

Holiday Harmonies entertains guests making S'mores and/or waiting for the train

Winter Wonder debuts this season in the Empire Theatre

A Christmas themed magic show was a nice change of pace

Miss Kitty's Christmas presents Snowbound was possibly the best show of the festival

The cast was extremely talented and fed off the crowd's energy

Amazing job with entertainment this year at Holiday in the Park, SFSTL!