March 11, 2022

Millennium Flyer (Lego Creator)


Today we will be building a Lego Recreator model of a GCI Millennium Flyer

We have our instructions and all of our pieces sorted.  Let's do this.

The first part of the build will be to construct the base which features track pieces

This post in the middle will help support the finished train carts while on display

Next we begin building the "zero cart" that rides in front of the first passenger carriage

Now that the "zero car" is built we'll install it on the base

Now to work on the first passenger carriage

The completed first passenger carriage

Now to add the carriage to the zero car on the base

This is the second passenger carriage

The completed second carriage

Adding the second carriage to the rest of the train

The completed build

This was a fun build that has a lot of detail.  It was difficult at times due to the different gradients of brown that was used and being able to differentiate that on the directions.  Definitely will look into building additional Lego Recreation models in the future