March 16, 2022

Spring Ride Days (SDC)


Welcome to Opening Day 2022 at Silver Dollar City and to Spring Ride Days

We started the day in Wilson's Farm and we enjoyed soaring through the air on the Giant Barn Swing

Since we were in the area, we headed to Outlaw Run next.  Such a fun ride

Mystic River Falls was open and all four sides of the lift tower were operational today

Made a quick stop on Fireman's Landing to take a plunge on Fire Fall

Next it was off to the Grand Expo for a ride on the Wave Carousel

504 was on duty today and we had a great time taking the scenic tour out to see the Alfie

Yes the Flooded Mine is still operational.  It will be interesting to see for how much longer

Time Traveler was using two trains today.  Such a fun ride

American Plunge was also in operation today.

Two train day for Wildfire today as well

We plan to get as many rides as possible on Fire in the Hole this season

Two train day for Powder Keg as well.  Still my favorite ride in the park.

We had a lot of fun today at the park. It was super busy, but we still did everything we wanted to do.  Looking forward to a great season.  It was so nice to be back at the 'City