March 16, 2022

Fire in the Hole (SDC)

From US 76 you can see that a construction wall now surrounds the construction site

Lots of work going on today

We probably won't be able to see much until things go vertical from this side of the construction site

We're now inside the park and you can see that they are continuing to work on the giant footer for the ride.  It looks like they are getting ready for the next area to receive concrete.

Here is the progress on the giant footer - and what looks like a splash down in the back

Forming the next section of the footer

The construction worker gives you an idea of just how big this thing is

Lots of rebar

This might be the foundation for a wall going in

Random construction vehicle parked in the middle of the footer

You can see the splash down area better in this photo.

We found a marker near the kiddie swings in Fireman's Landing.  We are guessing it might be for the entrance pathway to the new ride.