July 6, 2023

World Update (WOF)


They are slowly making progress on the icon sign at the entrance to the parking lot

Tents for Grand Carnivale have started to appear in Gateway Gardens

I heard someone saying that Fjord Fjairlane doesn't swing out anymore.
You sure about that?

There are some fun photo ops around the park now to celebrate the 50th.
The Cotton Blossom one is near Cotton Blossom BBQ

A fun hot air balloon basket one is near Spinning Dragons

A tv themed Zambezi Zinger photo op is near Zulu in Africa - Serengeti 

PSA that some rides closer early now for the fireworks and drone show.
They include Patriot

Steel Hawk

and Skyliner

A few new signs since our last visit.
Timberwolf with a newly designed logo

Mamba Photo now has a Mamba logo on it

More directional sign posts have appeared - near Mamba

Heading towards East Asia section in Gateway Gardens

Something we learned this visit is that the new bell on top of Front Street Shops actually clangs out the hour.

While walking around the park we found some random PJ Panda cut outs.  This one is on Front Street Shops main entrance in Americana

This one is on Deja Vu Gifts in Europa

This one is on Rickshaw Richard's in East Asia

We found this sing in Gateway Gardens as we were leaving.  It appears that there is a new scavenger hunt that you can do.  I guess we'll try that out on our next visit