April 15, 2024

Silver Dollar City - Street Fest


Welcome back to Silver Dollar City

The first major festival of this season is STREET FEST

There are a lot of specialty foods available around the park and they do have a tasting passport available if you are interested.

In the Riverfront Playhouse, the Anastasini Circus is performing.  You'll absolutely love Coco, their clown who entertains before the show and then several times in between acts

Their first act was a foot juggler

Coco helping out a volunteer at the miniature bike

Coco showing how it is done

Aerial silk artist

Have you ever seen a man spin 10 plates at once?

Aerial rings

These two brothers performed some Icarian Games where the older brother would launch the younger brother into various flips

The Anastasini was very entertaining and definitely worth seeing

Sometimes you come across a show that you just cannot describe in words and that show is most definitely Kristy Sellar's Imaginarium currently playing in the Opera House

It would be easy to label the show as pole dancing interacting with multimedia, but that really does the show no justice.  It is just something you have to watch for yourself

The show also features an aerial hoop artist

If you only have time to see one show during Street Fest, it needs to be this one

They had some very random acts on the Square this year.  One was where they had park guests pretend to be animals and other circus things and the other was this Pom Pon Parade.  It could be be described as a generic Chinese dragon

Over by Red Gold, the Living Garden was back with a few new characters

The crowd favorite fountain lady was back again this season

The final year of Street Fest runs through April 29