April 21, 2024

Six Flags St. Louis - Joker Update


The park got serious about construction at The Joker this past week

The construction wall even has artwork on it

Lots of heavy machinery is on site

It appears that the main focus right now is to set the 4 main footers and to remove any leftover concrete

Here are some of the parts used for digging the hole for the footers

They currently have three of the four footers set

This is the same one (northwest corner) in the picture above and you can see it appears to be filled.

This is the southwest corner footer

This is the northeast corner footer - and the one closest to Super Girl

They appear to still be working on the southeast corner footer

Here you can see the prep work for that fourth footer taking place

This is the rebar cage that will be placed into that footer once they have the hole dug

These appear to be concrete molds and will more than likely be used for the tops of the footers

A different angle of the rebar for the fourth footer

This is approximately where the fun house will be located

This view will look quite different later this season with The Joker swinging directly at us (and away)