April 7, 2024

Six Flags St. Louis - Park Update


New EV Chargers have been added to the parking lot

The fountain received some attention and looks great

New look for Laclede's

New Coaster Coffee shop added to the Front Street Shops

Here's the counter on the inside for Coaster Coffee

New sign for First Cone

This year's map - no paper copies again this year

Some upgrades to this plaza

New wait time boards are located around the park

New game near Batman

Batman is still forcing lockers again this season

Joker Inc is The Mighty Buccaner this season

Definitely a different look

They finally took down the stupid billboard and reopened this pathway

I honestly do not remember the last time this pathway was open

The new patio seating area is open at the Outpost

New game where the Jacob's Ladder used to be located

The Mine Train plaza is much more open now

New fence for Mine Train and a new seating area

Still nothing at the former site of Xcalibur

I believe this is the only arcade in the park now

Basketball game is gone in Brittania

Most of the carnival games are now gone

These two still exist for now

There's visible progress on the Carousel

Maybe it will finally return this season?

New extended queue at Rookie Racer

This is the 2024 Unlimited Refills All Season Bottle

Here are the prices

Be warned they are charging a $0.99 surcharge this season on food purchases
(see bottom of the screen for their lame reasoning)

Looks like the catering structures are all screened in this season.  Maybe that will cut down on the bee problem that they have always seemed to have