Friday, August 17, 2018

Millennium Force Nanocoaster (Coaster Dynamics)


Today's build is a nanocoaster of Millennium Force at Cedar Point.  Here is the front of the packaging

and here is the back of the packaging.

The kit includes directions, stainless steel pieces and a two part acrylic base.

The assembled base

The kit goes together pretty easily, starting with the station area, lift and first drop.

Next you put in the first turn and curve into the first tunnel.  Getting the first turn shaped correctly was a little tricky but not too bad.

Next came the largest of the airtime hills.

The island curves were a little tricky to get in place as they required some overlapping of pieces while bending them into the correct shape.

Now the smaller airtime hill, second tunnel curve and the run next to the station and queue line.

Finally the last overbanked curve and final brake run.

The finishing touches are the ride name plate and station.

The next few photos are of different angles of the finished model.

I think it turned out amazing.  I'm really enjoying this new line of amusement park products.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Boathouse Grill - New for 2019 (WOF)

August 16, 2018
Worlds of Fun Announces Boathouse Grill - A New Dining Experience Coming Spring 2019 
Kansas City, Missouri -- Worlds of Fun is excited to announce the addition of Boathouse Grill, a brand-new dining concept coming in 2019. The restaurant will feature a bevy of new and improved food options that are sure to make the dining experience just as memorable as the rides.

The culinary team, led by our new executive chef Wesley Boston, is crafting a new menu that will include authentic Kansas City BBQ with homemade sauce, rotisserie chicken, home-style sides, desserts and more. Healthier options are also expected to be added.

The 9,036 square-foot restaurant will be conveniently located in the Americana section of the park and will feature porch style seating for up to 184 guests. Next door to Boathouse Grill and replacing Pizza Pier, an outdoor seating patio will be built to accommodate up to 132 guests. It will be the largest dining location at Worlds of Fun.

The theming, architecture and name of Boathouse Grill pay tribute to the early days of Worlds of Fun and the three historic boats that opened with the park in 1973 – Henrietta, Cotton Blossom and Victrix. The three boats were previously historic movie props that were purchased at MGM Studios in Hollywood. Henrietta, from the movie Around the World in 80 Days in which the park is themed after (or the novel at least), served as the former park entrance. Boathouse Grill will be located very closely to Henrietta’s former location.

Construction on the new restaurant is expected to start during the offseason. When it opens its doors in the spring of 2019, Boathouse Grill will be Worlds of Fun’s flagship dining location and will be included in the park’s dining plans.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

City Changes (SDC)

Time for a quick update from the park.  Christmas lights are continuing to go up around the park.  Also notice there is a new sign on the side of Time Traders.

Another new sign on the side of the Christmas Shop

Another by the exit to Flooded Mine.  All these new signs are covering the WiFi locations around the park.  You have to admit that this option is much better than leaving them exposed like they were for quite awhile.

I don't know when they fixed this, but the leg is moving and the box is talking again.

Even more lights going up in Midtown.

We caught the park in one of those weird "non-festival" gaps and got to see The Magic of Chris Stanley at the Boatworks Theatre.

I always enjoyed his act when he was on the Showboat and he has added some new acts since the last time I had the pleasure of seeing his show.

He's a very talented and funny guy.  If you ever get the chance to see him, definitely take the time to do so.

Our day at the park ended earlier than we had planned.  A huge rainstorm moved through and it rained hard.  Luckily it calmed down after awhile and we were able to make it back to our car without getting completely soaked.

Friday, August 03, 2018

Worlds Changes (WOF)

Like at the Oceans of Fun entrance, a new billboard advertising Haunt has appeared at the entrance to Worlds of Fun.

The booth has changed again in International Plaza.  Now it is a Shaved Ice stand.

I don't think I have posted a photo of the new Kringle's Christmas House sign yet so here you go.

The plants continue to grow in at the Americana Star Fountain Plaza.

I seriously cannot remember the last time the landscaping at WOF looked as good as it does this season.

The Liberty Bell continues to grow and fill in.

With Timber Wolf using the alternate exit pathway (instead of emptying into the old Bicentennial Square it empties behind Cyclone Sams) the park decided to open the backgate fence to the lower part of Planet Snoopy to help with guest flow.  I think it was a great move.

Europa received some amazing landscaping with a topiary that reads WELCOME TO *EUROPA*

There is a topiary of a lady watering the plants here above the word *EUROPA*

The Floral Clock received an update that makes it look even more amazing

It now reads WORLDS OF FUN  EST. 1973

Mummy's Yummies has been transformed into The Oasis sponsored by Boulevard Brewery.  It does serve cold canned beer here, but it is not on the menu board yet.

The seating area near The Oasis has received a new treatment as well

Wheat and Barley decorations run around the deck.

The park finally completed the look of rod iron fence around the unused Heart of America/Forum Amphitheater.  For some reason they did not originally install fence at this corner due to a vending machine being located there.

Some utility markers have appeared near the Blood Shed building behind the stands of the Amphitheater 

They are in small clusters running the length of the hill.  We imagine that they are just for utility upgrades but we can always hope that they are for something more.

Beautiful sunset tonight at the park.